INTERVIEW with the Albanian artist Naim Jahja, who is reaching the edge of success..

INTERVIEW with the Albanian artist Naim Jahja, who is reaching the edge of success..

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14067649_10206928798073881_6310524147578796402_nNaim Jahja is a zealous artist and student, who lives in Skopje, Studenican.  He has shown interest in painting since at a young age, that’s when he found out his talent.  Jahja was present in multiple international exhibitions and still continues to be part of different kinds of artistic programs , which have to do with art in general. Naim Jahja, unlike other artists, it’s known about his special gift of being able to realize the Ebru Art, which is a onerous kind of art to be realized, also it’s worth mentioning that Ebru Art has been used before 1 millennium in the Ottoman Empire at that time .

Interviewer: Hamizi Ibraimi

Shprehja: Tell us something more about your studies?

Naim Jahja: I am currently studying at International Balkan University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Visual Arts.

Shprehja: When and how did it start the desire for painting in you?

Naim Jahja: Everyone in this world possesses an ability or talent which makes him differ from others, the gift that God has given to me, the ability for painting, is what makes me different from others. This gift I have discovered since I was a kid, somewhere between 8-9 years old, which also is the period when I started to understand the meaning of possessing this kind of ability, that made me extremely happy and also happened to be my biggest inspiration in life. For this talent I’m thankful to God, who gave it to me.

Shprehja: From where do you get the inspiration to do a painting?  

Naim Jahja: As an artist that I am, I prefer more real things or speaking in another words, I focus on realistic things and based on this my inspiration comes from everything that God has created, starting from the nature, environment, mountains, fields, plants. Briefly speaking, the inspiration comes from the universe itself.

Shprehja: In which cycle of painting are you working on right now?

Naim Jahja: Lately, I have been using more the painting cycle of landscapes with different colors: Acrylic, Oil Colors and Water Colors. Also, I have been using Ebru Art paintings quite a lot, which is a very old art of Turkish tradition that has existed  1000 years ago.

Shprehja: Until now, did you have your own exhibition?

Naim Jahja: Even though, I never stopped working on painting skills, I didn’t have my own exhibition yet. Although, I was present in a various exhibitions as an artist. I even participated as an artist of Ebru Turkish Art, which was held in June 2014, and so many other exhibitions where participants from all over the Balkan were present, held in December 2015 .

Shprehja: Which of the artists has let more impression on you?  

Naim Jahja: It is hard to choose between artists, especially for artists of various art periods .  Anyway , as I  mentioned earlier, I prefer real things more , and of course I would like artists that are part of the period of realism, in this case I would discern the Frenchman ” Jean – François Millet ” who lived in the nineteenth century.

Shprehja: What concerns you the most in your artistic life? And how do you see your future?

Naim Jahja: As anyone else who has the vision of the future, or  a purpose which he tends to achieve, I do have such a dream too, but my main aim is to be always there for people, to fulfill their needs through the Art of painting, by showing our moral, national, cultural values.

Shprehja: What is your favorite color? Meanwhile, which is your favorite place? Also, how do you spend your free time?

Naim Jahja: Asking an artist about his favorite color it is a hard question to answer, considering that artists like every single color, especially when those colors are part of their artistic work. But, I would discern the green color.  My favorite place is exactly where peace prevails , especially mountainous areas. Most of my free time I spend reading, and hanging out with my friends.

Translated by: Besa MUSTAFA

©Shprehja 2016

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